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Mini-Challenge #2: Favorites

September 24, 2009

(Where has the month gone? I meant to put this up last week, but time keeps slipping away from me)

Mini-challenges are a way to enjoy The Spice of Life Challenge beyond reading your selected works. Feel free to participate if you’d like; if not, don’t feel bad skipping it. It’s just for fun.

The second mini-challenge is all about favorites because sometimes the joy of eating, cooking, and living is returning to those favorite dishes and foods and cooking personalities. We can interpret this as favorite foods, favorite dishes, favorite cooks, favorite restaurants, favorite food magazines or favorite books about food. You name it, as long as it’s your favorite.

I thought of this because I like to revisit my favorite foods, my favorite recipes, and my favorite cook books. This month, let’s think about those things related to food that are our favorites.

You can do any of the choices below; there is no need to do all of them if you don’t want to. I’ve included at least one that doesn’t require you to cook or to eat, so that way The Spice of Life Challenge can still be calorie free for you if you choose!

  • Cook: Make a favorite dish and share the recipe with us.
  • Eat: Eat three different dishes with your favorite food in it, because sometimes variety makes things fun.
  • Ponder: Find pictures of at least five foods that are your favorite color. Or find pictures of your favorite foods. For fun, make us guess what they are.
  • List: Tell us your favorite food blogs, magazines, cooks, restaurants, foods, or anything else. We want to know about them!
  • Write: If these mini-challenge ideas don’t appeal to you, write up your own blog post that somehow relates the concepts of “favorite” and “food” and/or “the spice of life.” I look forward to seeing your results!

Mini-challenge #2 will be active until October 31. If you participate, leave a link to your post(s) below. If you decide not to post about it on your blog, simply let us know what you did in the comments below.

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  1. October 22, 2009 5:48 pm

    I have finished book 2 of 4 for this challenge. You can see my review at my place, Just Books. Have a great day!


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