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If you have reviewed a book for this challenge, choose the proper category and leave a link in the comments section.

  • Cookbooks share recipes so we can recreate delicious meals. To count a cookbook for the challenge, please share a little bit about what types of recipes it contains, any of the favorites that you may have cooked, and what you liked or not about it. You obviously don’t have to read every page of a cook book or cook every recipe.
  • Nonfiction books are about food in general, including history of any food, cooking and diet guides, and reference books. For reference books, as for cookbooks, you may not need to read every word.
  • Memoirs, autobiographies, or essays are written by cooks or the everyday eater and are about learning to cook or about cooking or eating in general.
  • Fiction captures the significance of food in our lives by making food a main part of the story. Define this as you will: if food is important to the story, it counts!

Note that some books will fit into multiple categories. Assign them to categories as you would like to meet your own personal challenge.

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